Tetrad Discovery looks to the future with ELLA

16th January 2018

Immunoassays come with lots of challenges. Even after multiple steps, hours in the lab and hours analysing data, results are only acceptable at best. This is especially true for drug development researchers who are constantly challenged by the reproducibility and variability of an immunoassay.

Tetrad Discovery, last year, updated from traditional ELISA based assays to the ELLA. ELLA performs immunoassays in a microfluidic Simple Plex cartridge. It’s like using a pre-kitted immunoassay, except everything’s pre-loaded on the cartridge. Single or multi-analyte with no cross-reactivity.

This new technology is able to run up to 70 samples in around 90 minutes. The ELLA has an extraordinarily large dynamic range. that coupled with its unparalleled sensitivity makes this technology the superior alternative to traditional methods.

The LLOQ’s for some analytes is as low as 1pg/mL and all is perfectly reproducible between company, department and even user.

To see the ever growing list of analytes that Protein Simple have to offer go to: http://www.proteinsimple.com/simple_plex_assays.html